During this free training, you will learn:

  • How To Naturally and Organically say no to tempting foods without using portion control, meal tracking, or diet apps.
  • Stop starving yourself, eliminating food groups, or feeling obsessed with foods.
  • Achieve Peace and Freedom around food without exercising extreme willpower and discipline.
  • What The Mind-Hinger Mechanism is and why it's the reason for our issues with food. (Hint: It's not about appetite).
  • The role of Deprivation and how to feel free around food without binging. 
  • PLUS: A free gift for attending to "Heal Your Relationship with Food"

Michelle Hastie Thompson

Helping Women Eat the Right Amount of Food to Lose Weight Permanently

How To Quickly Eliminate Binge Eating, Mindless Snacking, & Emotional Eating to Eat & Weigh Less in Under 30 Days