Are You a Yoga Teacher That Would Like to Increase Profits and Impact More People While Earning CE?

Without compromising your integrity and the integrity of yoga?

Hi! My name is Michelle, a certified yoga teacher that's been in the fitness and wellness industry since 2006

  • After working in gyms, yoga studios, and running my own wellness business online I have seen it all.  
  • And, I've spent it all. 
  • Investing over $100,000 in sales and marketing coaching and training has allowed me to know a thing or two about running a simple yet profitable wellness business. 
  • And, as a yoga teacher, NLP graduate, and health psychology doctoral student, I have discovered quite a few things we can do to help our students have peaceful and healthy relationships with their body and food.

  • Imagine never having to worry about whether or not enough people would attend your classes and offering a digital course to expand your reach. 
  • You can be one of the few teachers that has a complimentary program and curriculum differentiating you from the handfuls of other yoga studios in the area.
  • Your extensive knowledge on embodiment, love, non-judgment, and mindfulness makes you the perfect teacher to help your students in a big way...
  • And have them feeling really good in their bodies without worrying about needing to look good in lululemon or what their belly is doing in downdog.

How We Bring In Motivated Yoga Students Who Are Happy To Pay & Attend Yoga Classes Consistently With Our Unique System

First, we use the list of contacts you've already established (If you don't have a list of students yet, we would skip this step!) We will send a series of proven emails inviting them to an intro event to teach the "Ideal Body System". This can be done live in person or pre-recorded online. The "Ideal Body System" will teach them how to release self-consciousness in their bodies and heal their relationship with food .

Once they raise their hand we will use our unique follow up system to ensure they show up for the intro event. If we don't have enough people off our list we use Facebook ads to increase the number of hand-raisers and enter them in the follow up system that will ensure they show up for the intro event (in person or online) that explains this ideal body system and how yoga is the key to their peace and freedom with food and weight.

Then we enroll them into the "ideal body system" curriculum over 8 weeks or 1 weekend charging $200 to $2000. Helping our students understand how they can heal their relationship with food and their bodies while releasing the battle with weight allows them to connect to their bodies and follow their intution making them more consistent and motivated to attend yoga and follow through on their best intentions.

Having This Unique Offer Motivates Students to Come to Yoga Consistently & Spend More Money Putting THOUSANDS of Extra Dollars in Your Account Every Month

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In January, I Will Be Walking a Small Group of Lucky Yoga Teachers Through My CE Accredited Ideal Body Curricuclum AND The Entire Marketing Strategy to Enroll Students With NO RISK 

Weeks 1-4 We Will Walk Through All 8 Modules of my Ideal Body Curriclum to Learn How to Teach it To Your Students. This would be an add-on to their regular membership and can be taught as 8-weekly classess or a weekend workshop. It csn taught online, in person or a combination of borh. You could charge your students $200 for the entire program or even thousands as the results are so powerful. 

Weeks 5-16 We Will Walk Through & Implement Every Step of How to Market and Fill Your Ideal Body Program So You Can Rinse & Repeat This Strategy Over and Over Again. The steps we use to market this program can be applied to market any other events, programs, or specials in you studio and will pay for this entire course.

Here's What You Get:  

  • 20 Hours of Continuing Education with Yoga Alliance
  • Live weekly calls for 4 months and the replays
  • Unlimited email support for 4 months
  • Access to my online curriculum as if you were a student
  • All the slides and scripts to teach each module for the 8 weeks
  • All the slides, scripts, and email copy to enroll students in the program
  • My full support to ensure you feel ready to teach this unique, proven ideal body curriclum to watch your students eliminate binge eating, overeating, and claim their ideal body
  • An additional revenue stream for your studio
  • A done-for-you marketing strategy that you can just plug into your business and watch the enrollments come in
  • PLUS: You can teach this entire system online increasing your reach beyond your local community

The Ideal Body Curriculum

The Ideal Body Curriculum Modules

The Marketing & Enrollment Modules

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

You have 30-days to try the program and get a full refund! Want to learn how to create, market, & enroll students but not using my curriculum? No problem, skip month 1 and join us for 3 months learning digital marketing. 

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